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Heriot Watt University
Faculty of Engineering Awards

The members of the Hammerman of Edinburgh make a contribution to our charitable fund on an annual basis. The Charitable Fund is then responsible for distributing these donations made by the craft to outstanding students at Heriot Watt University. The awards allow students to undetake projects, usually away from their normal place of study. The students then have the opportunity to present the results of their projects at the Annual Dinner of the craft, following publication of their report. Past awardees have found this has been a valuable experience in terms of future career prospects.
Examples of the types of project supported by the Hammermen are given below.

Edinburgh University
Edinburgh College of Arts Awards

Edinburgh's Jewellery and Silversmithing is an exciting, practical, studio-based programme that teaches students to design and make thoughtful, well-made and considered work. The J&S department is small and friendly with a big international reputation as one of the UK's leading courses in the field. The Hammermen give an annual award to exceptional students to allow them to expand their study options.

Other awards

Other awards are made by the craft at the discretion of the members of the craft and nominations are accepted by the Deacon's Committee.

Travelling Awards

Over the last five years awards made by the craft have allowed Heriot Watt University students to travel to India to assist in the research and development of technogogy to deliver electic power and internet access to remote "off grid" communities, to research wind power generation in Norway and solar thermal projects in Dubai.

Practical skills

Edinburgh College of Art students have used their awards to travel to Japan for residencies, to take part in exchanges with Koomin University, Seoul, South Korea and to travel to Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

Support for the community

The Colinton Community Conservation Trust has been supported by a donation for their ambitious project to commemorate Robert Louis Stevenson and mark his strong links with that part of Edinburgh and to illustrate the history of the area with the erection of metalwork panels.

Support for the trades

The craft has made a number of awards and has assisted Cousland Smiddy Trust, to purchase tools for the blacksmith at Cousland Smiddy.


Heriot Watt Awardees

Year of Award Name of Awardee(s) Award Link to papers, awardee
1991 Brian Calder £450  
1992 Mr Gordon S Macdonald £500  
1993 Miss Jennifer Anderson £500  
1994 Mr Mark Pettitt £500  
1995 Mr Grant McLean £500  
1996 Miss Jeannie H Arthur £500  
1998 Mr Ian Ferguson £500  
1999 Miss Ann-Kirsten Lie Larsen £500  


College of Art Awardees

Year of Award Name of Awardee(s) Award Link to papers, awardee

Other awards

Details of other awards can be seen via links in this area.


In the 21st century the Convenery continues to look after the interests of the incorporations and their freemen and members. It co-ordinates many of their activities, such as the Kirking of the Deacons (usually the first week in May) and the Riding of the Marches (early September). It also administers the Trades Maiden Fund, which was founded by the Trades of Edinburgh. The images below reflect these activities.

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