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A charity fund, to which members contribute through an annual contribution, enables the craft to fund awards to high achieving students in the Faculty of Engineering at Heriot Watt University and Metalworking students at Edinburgh College of Art (now part of Edinburgh University.
The table below gives a list of the awardees at Heriot Watt from 1991 and a brief description of the projects they undertook. Where further information about their projects is available, the link here text will provide more information on the awardee and their project.

Year Awardee Description
1991 Brian Calder  
1992 Gordon S Macdonald  
1993 Jennifer Anderson  
1994 Mark Pettitt  
1995 Grant McLean Visit to Netherlands
1996 Jeannie H Arthur  
1997 Ian Ferguson  
1998 Paul Miseldine Visit to CERN in Geneva. Link here
1999 Ann-Kirsten Lie Larsen Visit to Alcatel Research Laboratory near Paris. Link here
1999 Denver O’Boyle Exchange Student to University of Technology Sydney Link here
2000 Elizabeth Warner To travel to Thailand to study the textiles manufacturing industry
2000 Bruce Howie To attend an international conference in Berlin as part of investigation to develop a less carciogenic yellow pigment for the Printing Industry
2001 Barry Headridge To support a one year industrial placement and prepare a paper on Process Intensification and its Application for the Toner and Powder Industries
2002 Alan McKay and Colin Fitch To study and evaluate the experiences of Diploma Students in the Engineering Sector in the UK
2002 Sorcha Derkx Mullen To travel to Dublin to gain experience with a firm of Consulting Engineers
2003 Sian Jones and Sarah Keating To conduct a qualitative study of graduate training programmes in the pharmaceutical industry throughout the UK
2004 Robert Shanks To travel to York and Northern Sweden as part of a practical study to ascertain by use of Acoustic Emission measurements the cumulative damage caused to railway lines by rail and wheel contact
2005 Ian Wood To travel to Stockholm to investigate the feasibility of using Haptic interfaces as measurement devices for children receiving Occupational Therapy
2006 Alasdair Wishart To travel to Lattakia in Syria, for six weeks at the University of Al Tishreen to investigate aspects of solar power collection
2007 Duncan Roxburgh To travel to Yakima Washington, USA to pursue an internship at GE Aviation working on Boeing’s latest commercial plane the 787 Dreamliner Report here
2008 Neale Young To travel to Polytechnic University of Hong Kong Report here
2009 Mark Roberts To travel to Oman to gain work experience in the Petro-chemical industry
2010 Oliver Kerr Work placement in Energy Engineering in Mongolia
2011 Samuel Scott Work Placement with manufacturer of aluminium extrusions in Bosnia-Herzegovina Report here
2012 Sandy Fok Orphanage in Cambodia. Project to build beds
2013 Frances Card Global Founders Skill Accelerator competition at MIT
2014 Daniel Jones IAESTE 13 week internship to Panama
2015 Gordon Ungruh and Thomas Werner India to monitor a renewable energy power plant in an off-grid rural community
2016 Craig Stephen To visit Silicon Valley as part of an internship sponsored and organised by the Saltire Foundation Report here
2016 Catrina Cassie Special award: To visit India undertake a 12 week placement, continuing her research within the Mechanical Engineering Department at Karunya University. In this placement organised by IAESTE, which will last from 18th July for 12 weeks, she will be focusing her research on optimizing solar energy systems, and will be investigating heat transfer performance of heat pipes using nanofluids for electronic cooling applications and nanocomposite materials.
2017 Euan Rogers Visit to Oulu, Finland to present paper using Dielectric Elastomers Generators (DEG) to harvest vibration energy.
2018 Louis Marie To visit the Indian Institute of Technology (ITT) in Madras and the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) in Pilani on sustainable production of jaggery.
2019 Elke Walton Travel to Norway to look at how Norway is diversifying its energy sector into wind power generation.
2019 Heather Bruce Travel to Paris in association with Schlumberger and Rolls-Royce aerospace internship.
2020 Rosie Mulligan To prepare and deliver paper on biomimetic wind turbines.
2020 Ross Straughan
2021 Maria Elisa Caires Silva
2021 Ewan Smith

Help to Travel

The Hammerman charity has assisted many Heriot Watt students to travel, allowing them to carry out charitable work, further their academic studies, take part in conferences and to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical projects.


Thanks to our awards, students have attended university courses across the world, including Norway, India, Dubai, Finland, the United States of America and many other destinations. In addition courses and tuition in the UK has been supported when appropriate.

Design Skills

Practical applications of subjects studied in the lecture theatre have been made by students in energy conservation projects, biomedics, thermodynamics, flight engineering and many other areas.

Personal development

To quote a student -
Overall this was an incredibly valuable experience both in terms of work and culture, and I am incredibly grateful to the Hammermen for their generous support that made this trip a reality.

The College of Art

Edinburgh College of Art’s vision is to be internationally acclaimed for their open and participative teaching and research environment. They want to be known globally for excellence in their subject areas and the opportunities they give their students to collaborate and innovate across them, and with the wider University of Edinburgh community, of which they are proud to be a part. Link here.

The Hammermen of Edinburgh have supported metalworking students at the College of Art for many years, as they reflect the past association of the craft with the metalworking skills of our predecessors. Indeed, the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of Edinburgh only separated from the Incorporation of Hammermen recently, in 1697. Click here.

by Elizabeth Campbell


2009 Ai Yano Kookmin Exchange Report here
2010 Rhona McCallum Kookmin Exchange. Link here Report here
2011 Mari Ebbbitt Report here
2011 Christina Zani Report here
2012 Georgina Leung to Korea on the Kookmin exchange Report here
2012 Elizabeth Campbell on exchange to Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Report here
2013 Isla Macer-Law Exchange to Japan Report here Link here
2013 Final Year Scholars To travel to London to exhibit their work for one week in London at “New Designers” in Islington.
Link here
2020 Daniela Groza Mixed Metals Workshop by Patrick Davison Report here Link here


The students at the Edinburgh College of Art are assisted by the Incorporation in the development of skills appropriate to the area of expertise that the students feel they need assistance.
In the last years the Incorporation has assisted students to develop skills in enamelware, working with aluminium thread and meshwork, with plastics and rubber, castings and forging. Without the support of the Hammermen, these students would never have gained the skills and experience that the awards provided.

Other grants

The Incorporation of Hammermen continues to support tradesmen working in the East of Scotland, either in the public domain or as craftsmen setting up or contiuing their businesses.
The images below show both public and individual awards made by the Incorporation.

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