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Membership of the Hammermen

Membership is at the discretion of The Craft. Anyone with the good of Edinburgh and her citizens at heart and who is interested in maintaining the traditions and history of the Incorporation may apply. Membership is currently just under 60, but we are actively looking to increase membership. The Craft supports awardees to become members and assists them by including membership in the craft for a period as part of their award. We encourage membership from all our diverse society.

Looking at the current list of members, many have a connection with engineering, the majority of the others might be described as a good selection of Edinburgh professionals and artisans, as well as a range of others including historians, archeologists and technologists.

Any prospective member should note section 4(c) of the Constitution, "Evident interest in the well-being of Edinburgh, her citizens and her traditions”.  

For further information:
email The Boxmaster at

GDPR Statement: Membership of the Incorporation assumes agreement to the Incorporation of Hammerman Privacy Statement, which can be downloaded here

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Diary of Events

Please contact the Boxmaster for further information

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